Covid19 More Aggressive Than a Suicide Bomber

Covid19 Pandemic is an increasing developments in Pakistan every day, affecting humanity around the globe, its fear is more than terrorist attack, every individual is a type of suicide attacker, simply get into the gathering and blast into the crowed, spread its infection into amassing, this is the cause social distancing, lock down or even curfew end up the road of action for the civil society to govern its unfold however its could not work a hundred%, those who privy to those self-take advantage of sickness they best care and try to keep away from conferences and un-vital parties.

Corona ruin ceremonies of all religions both its Easter for Christian Community, Holy month of Ramadan for Muslim Community and Holly of Hindu community. 2020 celebrations from January until date are tasteless, colorless and mourning in peoples.

Health scientists are operating tough days and nights to produce vaccine for covid19, this pandemic epidemic sickness goals our senior residents and those who’ve already have different severe fitness troubles.

Over two hundred thousand peoples died, and tens of millions are affected, most of them are our 1st technology above age of 60 Years, many fitness care employees are victim of the corona virus at some stage in serving the network. We cannot neglect their sacrifice for humanity, running 24/7 both a nurse, physician, housekeeping, meals service, different assisting departments, health center management, we can’t overlook the services of ambulance team of workers, police, navy and different authorities missionary folks who retain work in the field to conflict and succeed towards covid19.

We can secure network and our households by staying at domestic, follow World Health Organizations (WHO) given suggestions; for treatment and prevention. Pandemic Corvid hold to travel one to any other and so on, it can be defeat while follow distance, comply with preventive measures to discontinue its transportation by means of staying domestic, isolation and quarantine by self.

Half of the arena is now imposing to follow the rule of thumb and distancing, if humanity do not comply with it, then a fear come into thoughts, if its spread in big as we are able to see its have an effect on multiple numbers in a day. We pray GOD give energy to Nurses, Doctors and Paramedics to face against it and hold their fight against it, truly they have got households if it maintains then we’ve got worry we lose the pressure towards defeating Corona.